November Dividend Income

After 33 years of clocking in and out of work and religiously saving 10% annually every year, in good times and bad, I have decided to share my monthly dividend income to show what regular saving and investing can accomplish.

For the month of November I made $2,315; a decrease of -2.53% versus this time last year. The second month of a quarter has always been challenging however its lower than normal after I repositioned my portfolio over the summer which sacrificed some dividends in this month. I do plan on improving my income for this month as I have AbbVie (ABBV), Hasbro (HAS), Oil-Dri Corp (ODC) and Verizon (VZ) on my watch list for potential buys. I also decided to drip my AT&T (T) shares which should help.

Other stocks I am considering that payout in the second month of a quarter include Air Products (APD) and Apple (AAPL) but unless their is a considerable pullback they are significantly above my buy price.

 11/02/2020 GIS GENERAL MILLS INC COM$77.45
 11/02/2020 T AT&T INC$590.75
 11/06/2020 HYG ISHARES TR IBOXX HI YD ETF$21.49
 11/16/2020 ABBV ABBVIE INC COM$135.66
 11/16/2020 HAS HASBRO INC$29.31
 11/16/2020 PG PROCTER AND GAMBLE CO$103.16
 11/19/2020 PSEC PROSPECT CAP CORP$155.54
 11/20/2020 ARTNA ARTESIAN RES$188.25
 11/24/2020 FAST FASTENAL COM STK$10.14
 11/27/2020 ODC OIL DRI CORP OF AMERICA$4.78
 11/27/2020 WSM WILLIAMS-SONOMA INC$9.61
 11/30/2020M1 FinanceM1 DIVIDEND GROWTH ACCOUNT$39.50

16 thoughts on “November Dividend Income

  1. Slightly down but overall a nice amount of money! Plus its mostly due to repositioning so doesn’t seem like you have a lot to worry about. I was also down in November from last year also but it is mostly due to payouts happening at different times this year due to COVID. I see you have ABBV on your buy list — I have been adding to my ABBV position the last couple months – but its had a nice run up from the 80s to over 100…still fairly valved though so adding more doesn’t hurt. Especially in this market where everything is near highs


    • You can get so used to a stock trading in a specific range that when it breaks out it creates hesitation to buy more. I agree ABBV is still a decent buy even at the $100+ range I just have to push past that hesitation. I find it interesting no matter how long I’ve been investing that occasionally I still have to deal with a mental or emotional block. Just goes to show we are all human


      • It happens to the best of us… there has been a few times I’ve had 2 stocks on my watch list and I’ll only have cash available for 1 of them … I’ll buy one and they’ll both go up.. then next month when I go to buy even though the other is still a good price I’ll pass on it because it ‘feels’ expensive to when it caught my eye a month or two before … fast forward 6 months or a year and it’ll actually be up much more ..sometimes overpriced and I’ll have missed out … but I’m recognizing that and working on it — also since all brokers are pretty much commission free now … I’ve been doing smaller purchases of a few stocks over a few months instead of one big purchase — let’s me get starter positions in and then I don’t feel as hesitant to add to them as long as the price is still fair

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  2. Thanks for commenting Tawcan, Unlike past months I was completely comfortable with the drop because it was by my design of selling and buying to reposition my portfolio. Monthly drops earlier this year are a different story, those were outside my control which can be a touch concerning but I did not stress about it due to our situation with the pandemic and all.


  3. Amazing monthly results SD! It goes to show what you can accomplish with consistency.

    You have a few heavy hitters this month. Any plans on more balancing out your positions in amount dividend income they provide?


  4. My approach is to build up other assets over time. The heavy hitters I turned off from auto reinvesting and no longer buy shares. OHI for example, the last time I dripped shares was 2/15/19 and the last time I added shares was 11/27/17. I have 7 years until retirement and hopefully at the end of that run income will be more balanced.


  5. Solid income for the month even though it is slightly less year over year. Nice to see we share quite a few names paying us both in November. Gotta love that passive income stream!


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  7. Thank you JC, I’ve been saving and investing a long time to generate monthly income to support me and my wife. I’m more impressed with all the younger investors out there in their 20s & 30s who are light years ahead where I was at their age.


  8. This is so inspiring that you are sharing your dividend income after investing and saving 10% for 33 years. It’s very motivating for the average person who thinks investing is only for high savings rates or a select few. Despite the slight decrease, it was an impressive month for you. I look forward to more reports! 🙂


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