A Modest Life of Steady Savings

From 2000 to 2015 I was the only income supporting a family of five on a modest income and have never moved out of our first home (a 1200 square foot cape). In 2016 my wife returned to the workforce to help with college expenses as the first of my three children was starting college.

Raising a family on a modest income was never easy. I am not one of those investors who could put aside 50% of their salary and map a strategy to wealth. Quite the opposite, money has always been tight. Regardless of the situation, the one constant through out my entire career was to save 10% in my 401K and whenever I had extra money ($50 here or $100 there) I would invest in my brokerage account.

In 2012 I began the journey of transforming my portfolio into a dividend growth strategy and have not looked back or regretted the decision. Since then I have rolled over my workplace 401K into an IRA that furthered my dividend growth strategy as I move towards a retirement goal of retiring at age 60.

So now I am on a journey to get all my children through college (circa 2024) and hit financial independence in 2028.