Buys and Sells for the Week 11/27

Markets have been on fire for the last three weeks moving higher and higher. While this makes my unrealized gains and portfolio balance look great it has not done much in the way of dividend income. Markets at an all time is making finding dividend value a challenge to say the least and its hard to believe I have not bought a stock since the week of 11/6. Though I did make one small purchase I am content to just keep building cash until things cool off.

  1. Domtar (UFS) – sold position – Domtar was one of the few remaining weak positions I was looking to eliminate and when prices jumped above $30 I sold my entire position. Domtar suspended their dividend quite awhile ago so this does no harm to my annual dividend income.
  2. OGE Energy (OGE) – increased position – 13 years of dividend growth and a 4.76% yield. Only 6 shares were purchased as it was at the upper end of my buy price range so I kept the purchase small.

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