Movie Fun Night – Vote for your Movie

Me and the family are once again starting up our backyard movie night and this year we decided to try something different and let readers have a vote in the movie choice for this Saturday (7/16). To cast a vote simply leave a comment below by Friday. The choices for this weekend are:

  1. O Brother Where Art Thou – votes (2)
  2. My Cousin Vinny – votes (1)
  3. Stripes – votes (1)
  4. Big Daddy – votes (1)

Its a tough choice no doubt…I’ll update later in the week once I have the Family’s votes.


6 thoughts on “Movie Fun Night – Vote for your Movie

    • My other Daughter voted for Big Daddy so everything got a vote 🙂

      Looks like O Brother was the winner by a vote. I thinks we’ll try something Sci-Fi or Action movie next week.


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