Buys and Sells for the Week 5/6

Received a surprise and unplanned raise from Telus (TU) who just increased their dividend last November and decided to hike it again another 3.42%.

Not much to say about the markets other than volatility, volatility, and more volatility. Here are my trades for the week:

  1. Medical Properties Trust (MPW) – increased position – Been awhile since I bought a REIT. Grabbed 10 shares @ $18.32 and a 6.33% yield.
  2. United Parcel Service (UPS) – increased position – Not sure why no one is buying this but looks good at this price. Grabbed 2 shares @ 178.41 and a 3.41% yield.
  3. Best Buy (BBY)  – increased position – Building this out a few shares at a time. Grabbed 2 shares @ $90.90 and a 3.87% yield.
  4. Air Products (APD)   – increased position – Can’t seem to hold a share price above $240. Grabbed 1 share @ $233.33 and a 2.78% yield.
  5. Prospect Capital (PSEC)   – decreased position – Overallocated to BDCs and PSEC is the weakest of my holdings. Chose to scale back the position. Sold 911 shares @ $7.81.

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