Buys and Sells for the Week 11/4

Markets recovered off of October lows and stalled. Guessing we won’t see significant movement until post elections. Here are my trades for the week:

  1. Schwab U.S. Dividend Equity ETF  – increased position – With a P/E ratio of 13.48 I view this as the best way to buy into the market right now. Grabbed 6.86 shares @ $72.86 and a 3.4% yield.
  2. CTO Realty Growth (CTO)  – increased position – SCHD does not include REITs. Grabbed 10.8 shares @ $20.18 and a 7.53% yield
  3. United Parcel Service (UPS)  – increased position – Big brown is my largest position but at this price it doesn’t hurt to add a little more. Grabbed 1 share @ $163.15 and a 3.73% yield.

2 thoughts on “Buys and Sells for the Week 11/4

  1. Earlier this year, or very late last year, I started adding some DGRO and am thinking of adding SCHD as well. I’m sure there’s a fair amount of overlap between the two, but having a more hands off way to follow my core strategy is nice.


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