Weekly Buys and Sells for the Week 12/3

Received four dividend raises this week; 6.15% raise from Merck (MRK), 11.1% raise in C$ from Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), 10.3% raise in C$ from Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM), and a 10.2% raise from Amgen (AMGN). Markets picked up where they left off on Black Friday continuing to drop when the Fed hinted at accelerating the tapering process by a few months which made quite a few buying opportunities. Here are my trades for the week:

  1. Leggett and Platt (LEG) – increased position – Slowly building this position out with small buys. Grabbed 2 shares @ $40.64 and a 4.13% yield..
  2. Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) – increased position – WBA is increasing their focus on health care and I am onboard. Grabbed 2 shares @ $45.66 and a 4.20% yield.
  3. Snap-On Inc. (SNA) – increased position – Keep lowering my cost per share with this strong dividend growth stock. Grabbed 3 shares @ $207.81 and a 2.73% yield.
  4. Verizon Inc. (VZ) – increased position – This buy should push me into a triple digit quarterly payout for 2022. Grabbed 3 share @ $51.46 and a 4.97% yield.
  5. Amgen (AMGN) – increased position – Priced dropped yet again and got this a $1/share cheaper than what I paid for in October. Grabbed 1 share @ $200.59 and a 3.51% yield.
  6. Unilever PLC (UL) – increased position – Trading at their 52 week low. Grabbed 2 shares @ $51.11 and a 3.91% yield.
  7. J.M. Smucker (SJM) – increased position – Started this position earlier in the year and still working on building it up. Grabbed 1 share @ $126.23 and a 3.14% yield.
  8. Oil-Dri Corporation of America (ODC) – increased position – ODC is finally raising their prices for kitty litter. Grabbed 2 shares @ $32.72 and a 3.29% yield.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Buys and Sells for the Week 12/3

  1. Consistency is the key, and slow and steady wins the race. I don’t have any of those positions SD but I like how you are systematically increasing your position over time. Moreover, it’s always good when companies increase their dividends without you having to do anything.

    I like your blog. I added yours to my resources page on my blog. I’m looking forward to future updates.

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  2. Thank you Dividend Portfolio,
    Dividend growth investing isn’t the fastest way to FI but has the least barrier of entry and the concept is easy which is why I like it. As you stated best way to be successful with this is consistent saving & investing.


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