Buys and Sells for Week 6/11

Last month’s inflation numbers came in above what was expected (5% versus 4.7%) and it did little to market volatility insinuating it was already priced in or maybe investors are waiting to see if this is temporary. I am old enough to have lived through high inflationary times before and 5% is a far cry from ringing the panic bell so I’ll continue buying. Here are my trades for the week:

  1. Kimberly Clark (KMB) – increased position – I know the short term earnings growth story for KMB is dismal but I will continue to build a position while share prices are down. Grabbed 1 shares @ $129.27 and a 3.53% yield.
  2. Verizon (VZ) – increased position –  VZ has been hovering just above the mid-50s, was hoping to see price action drop below $55 but it appears $56-$57 is the current bottom. Grabbed 3 shares @ $57.09 and a 4.41% yield.

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