Buys and Sells for the Week 4/30

IBM gave me a miniscule dividend raise of $0.01 per quarter but it was what I expected. Chevron surprised me with a 4% raise but it is such a small position for me that it barley moved the income needle. Earnings season is in full tilt and most companies are beating expectations, a couple that did not looked like buying opportunities. Here are my buys for the week:

  1. Unilever (UL) – increased position –  UL reported good quarterly numbers and luckily I bought before the numbers came out. Grabbed 3 shares @ $56.43 and a 3.38% yield.
  2. Kimberly-Clark (KMB) – new position –  KMB quarterly report was not the best and their forward guidance of just 1% growth for 2021 triggered a sell-off. KMB growth should return in the second half of 2022, decided it was time to finally initiate a position with a window to accumulate shares before prices rise. Grabbed 7 shares @ $128.76 and a 3.54% yield.
  3. Merck & Company (MRK)increased position –  MRK sold off after reporting lower than expected earnings but remained firm on their full year forecast. Why sell when the company is still confident they can meet their annual numbers? Grabbed 4 shares at $73.85 and a 3.52% yield.

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