Buys and Sells for the Week 2/5

This was a busy week from a dividend perspective as I received 8 raises from GATX 4%, MMM 0.7%, BEP & BEPC 5.1%, ALE 2%, PRU 4.5%, AVA 4.3%, and BCE 5.1%. Markets continued higher but still found some room to buy this week. Here is a summary of my buys for the week.

  1. AbbVie Inc. (ABBV) – increased position –  Good thing I bought this early in the week as share price steadily rose after they released earnings. Grabbed 4 shares @ $102 and a 5.1% yield.
  2. Avista Corp. (AVA) – increased position –  It’s been a couple months since the stock price was below $38/share. Grabbed 5 shares @ $37.15 and a 4.41% yield (4.55% after the raise).
  3. Unilever (UL) – new position –  I’ve been watching UL and KMB slowly come down in price. KMB has the better financials but I like ULs portfolio of products a bit better as they can spin-off or sell some brands to kickstart growth. Grabbed 18 shares @ $54.91 and a 3.33% yield.

2 thoughts on “Buys and Sells for the Week 2/5

  1. As you probably already know – ABBV has been almost a monthly buy for me recently. So much of the market is overvalued its hard to find good deals. I don’t own UL but it did just come on my radar as fairly valued though as you mentioned their debt is a bit high…so I’m debating a purchase. Lately I’ve just been adding to my current positions


    • For UL I wanted a small position just in case they shake up their portfolio of products, there is talk about them spinning off their tea product line and hopefully that motivates them to shake up other lines. I don’t plan adding more shares until things improve from here.


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