Buy and Sells for the Week 1/22

Finally received my first dividend raise of the year from Fastenal (FAST) who dished out a beautiful 12% raise. Markets still not yielding much but when they do I try to react and buy. Here is my lone buy for the week.

  1. Pepsico (PEP) – increased position –  Slow restaurant sales continue to hurt Coca Cola (KO) and Pepsico PEP as their share price has been weakening. I realize KO has the better dividend yield, however, I prefer PEP’s more diverse portfolio of products beyond soft-drinks. Picked up 3 shares @ $138.31 for a 2.95% yield

2 thoughts on “Buy and Sells for the Week 1/22

  1. I noticed this afternoon that PEP is finally back up close to a 3% yield but it was too late to add shares as the markets were closed. With a dividend increase likely coming late this month or early February I’m very tempted to add some more to my portfolio and hope it drops a bit more on early next week.


  2. Always good to hear from you JC,
    I noticed share prices had been inching down the last few days so I placed a limit order that I thought wasn’t going to fill but then late Friday morning it was triggered.

    As far as a dividend raise I think it will be a small one going from 4.08 to 4.20 annually or 2.9%. Still better than the inflation rate we have had over the last 10 years so I’ll take it.


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