Buys and Sells for the Week

The closer we get to elections and/or discussions of a second round of COVID relief the markets get more confusing as to which way it wants to move. I cannot control the market but I can control what I buy and sell. Here is a summary of what I bought or sold this week:

  1. Avista Corp (AVA) – increased position – I bought a small position as I continue to work on getting my average cost per share below $35 with this 18 year dividend grower and a 4.7% yield.
  2. Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) – increased position – Second week in a row I bought WBA in an attempt to build up my small position. Their quarterly report was good but not great. I think the company has finally found a bottom with sales & earnings during the COVID crisis and hopefully can move forward from here. I’ll continue to add WBA with its 45 years of dividend growth and a 5% yield as long as share price remains below $38/share.

2 thoughts on “Buys and Sells for the Week

  1. Hi! Nice blog you have here, I’ll be following along on your journey. Thanks for sharing your buys, I didn’t know AVA, so I’ll be doing some more investigating on them.

    Greetings from the Netherlands!


  2. Thank you for following along. Sharing is our best way getting ideas out there. I enjoy reading other buy & sells from fellow bloggers in search of dividend growers I was unaware of or did not realize their share price had fallen.


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