Welcome to the NEW Simple Dividend Growth Blog

For all the readers that followed me on my on my old blog site (http://dgi.wikidot.com/) thank you for following me onto my new site. Unfortunately there was no export/import capability from one platform to another so all my old blog posts won’t be carried over and I’ll be starting over from scratch. I tried to retain most of the old structure but did change some things to make maintenance easier.

One page that I did not carry over and will no longer be maintaining is the Inflation Beaters Index. Maintaing this index takes quite a bit of work and I believe few people (other than myself) used it. Additionally I do not foresee inflation remaining a big factor and as such decided to end it.

The Story So Far…

For those new to the site welcome and thank you for visiting. Hopefully you will follow me as I plod through to financial independence. My story is nothing but an example of how a person with a family on modest salary who consistently saved is working towards financial independence. That said here is a quick summary of my story so far…

I was a single income supporting a family of five on a modest salary up until 2015. We did not have a lot of money after we had kids and inconsistently saved. The only consistent savings we had was 10% every year into my 401K which I have maintained for more than 30 years.

In 2012 I started the dividend growth journey and changed my entire portfolio to a dividend growth strategy. At the end of 2016 I changed employers and had an opportunity to roll over my old 401K into an IRA . Those new IRA funds further accelerated my dividend growth investing and I started over from scratch with a new 401K with a contribution rate of 10% once again.

In 2016 my wife went back to work part-time to help pay for my first child’s college career and then switched to full-time in 2018. By the end of 2018 we had paid off all our credit card debt and then our mortgage. For the first time in more than 20 years we finally started to save consistently outside our 401K as I began investing in my brokerage account once again. In 2019 our financial position improved further and I started regular contributions to a ROTH IRA.

That first child has since graduated and we now have our next two children in college. My expenses should begin to decline rapidly over the next 6 years and just in time as I am targeting to be financially independent by 2028.

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